Perfect cubes, balance, and the number 27

cubeIt’s the 27th day of the month today. Turns out, the number 27 is singular. The Internet can tell us why, mathematically, the number 27 is so unique. For example, 27 is a perfect cube (3 cubed), a completely balanced equation. In math, that is truly saying something.

The number 27 pops up a lot, which is what led me to learn more about it. While I was at it, just for kicks, I made a list of 27 things my ideal 27-sided-self values. Please note, I do not take myself too seriously here, rather this is simply an exercise, a playlist, of thoughts and notions on moving the ball closer to the goal of growth, being a better communicator: a better pal, partner, father, son, and generally well-balanced cube, er, dude:

1 – Arguably, one of the greatest strengths may be helping others feel more comfortable being themselves. This does not imply enabling others to cultivate their hurtful traits, rather their best, most productive and positive ones.

2 – “Please” and “thank you” are two of the best parts of any language.

3 – Good moods are contagious. Spread them like colds.

4 – Be mindful of others’ aural, physical, and visual space. We all have different boundaries.

5 – Respect and trust require respect and trust.

6 – Words and tone of voice deliver packages to others. Stop sometimes and wonder what it may be like to receive them.

7 – Short fuses burn ourselves and others. Take a moment, get all the facts, or step away until it passes.

8 – Being open to constructive criticism is worth risking the initial discomfort of trying it on. Nothing to lose.

9 – Read, preserve, and share books and stories. Like music, they are the crux of so many good things.

10 – Good aesthetics are like good manners. Create atmospheres that foster acceptance. See #1.

11 – Any voices inside that say “You are not good enough” are illusions, shadows of fear. Break through them.

12 – Skills are not demonstrated better than by putting them to good use for a good cause.

13 – Laugh. Play. Pause objectives. Let fun in. It is not irresponsible or a waste of time.

14 – When I feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders, pause and read #24.

15 – Keep moving forward. Giving up is easy. Building anything good takes compromise, resources, and work.

16 – Things work out whether I like it or not. Do not underestimate the “unswerving punctuality of chance.

17 – Do not be afraid to accept or admit we each need someone who does not give up easily.

18 – Forgive ourselves. Moments of weakness do not make us fundamentally weak, only fundamentally human.

19 – Make and share good, healthy, and tasty food with friends whenever possible.

20 – Risk being affectionate and vulnerable.

21 – Keep money and ‘need vs. want’ in perspective. Measuring against others is an empty pursuit. See #11.

22 – A brief stop to smell the roses is worth being ever-so-slightly late for on occasion.

23 – Values only mean something if stood by when inconvenient.

24 – Stress kills slowly and silently. Reduce it by taking a break, a walk, reading, writing, or something else. Don’t do too much of any one thing all the time. Try to find balance in work and play.

25 – Music in any shape or form helps everything.

26 – Stop and listen. A clear mind is open to ideas.

27 – Keep it simple. Show up and do your best.