Cynefín Framework

Q What’s ‘Cynefín’?

A Have you ever seen the scene in “Dude, Where’s My Car?” when they’re taking out all that garbage and a single, stray bottle cap falls on the carpet?

That clip is a great analogy for how I went about finding a solution to a complex problem before I discovered Cynefín a ways back. I’d try to solve everything at once, working really hard for a solution that was pretty okay. When I discovered Cynefín, it transformed my practice overnight by teaching me how to chunk big problems into smaller ones, which makes it way easier to do one thing at a time & do it well.

I know I’ve written about Cynefín a lot. My work involves solving a lot of complex problems. Cynefín teaches me how to improve my choices, especially against my own instinct to try & do everything at once. Cynefín is a framework for decision-making & helps me shape my own thinking & behavior to slow down & break complicated work into smaller parts. That approach impacts the outcome in positive ways, big time.

Big ups to @RichardShy for sharing his awesome Cynefín diagram with me.

Dave Snowden invented Cynefín. Here’s his explanation:

Dave Snowden talking about Cynefín

Keen to learn more? This fantastic intro video from Jennifer Garvey Berger does an elegant job of explaining Cynefín to anyone who’s new to it –>