The top-ten list of things that don’t get easier with practice – Number One – saying goodbye (Part VI)

On a regular top-ten list of almost bearable life-changing events, waiting-for-your-dad-to-die would rank second, perhaps, only to waiting-for-mom-to-die (depending on your situation), but both are tied for first with most things involving the complexities of life, death, emotion and identity. 

On a top-ten list of things that don’t get easier with practice, however, many of these life-changing-type events could be bundled together under a sub-category of “saying goodbye.”

Whether we like it or not, the list of things that do not get easier with practice is waaay longer than the list of things that do. 

I am more interested in this sort of list because it cuts through a lot of crap. Practice is fine if we want to be a better ping pong player or omelette maker. 

The stuff worth real effort, the real returns, has little to do with anything on the outside. 

So, if you are angry at the universe because you want to be deep but are shallow, best get turned around before it is too late. None of us are long for this world and, baby, life is what you make it

Farewell, dad. I love you. Safe journey. 

August 6, 1939 – December 19, 2015


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