Redux: MacTech 2018

This time last week I was wrapping up MacTech Conference in Los Angeles. The three-day conference was satisfying on some unexpected levels this year. First, for the people, second for the learning, and third for the crazy schwack happening all around us. The shooting cast a shadow as it happened in the middle of the…

Grace Hopper on Letterman

Some heavy gratitude to John Feminella (@jxxf), Jeff Roberson (@jeffroberson), and @snipeyhead for sharing their inspiring conversation via twitter today that turned me onto this incredible clip.

Speaking of Hackers

I may not like the stigma but suppose it’s time to admit to myself that, yeah, I’ve been a hacker for as long as I can remember.

Yes and thank you, iO

I just wrapped up a few weeks of classes at the birthplace of improv: Chicago’s inimitable iO Theater down on Kingsbury.

The Power of Lists

Like making lists? Me, too. Even though my lists may not look like lists in the traditional sense, they still serve a pretty cool purpose.

Teaching Fish To Swim

If you’re trying to teach fish how to swim, it helps if you put them in the water.

DIY vs. DIT – Part II

The first part of this post built an analogy, that centralization is like DIY (Do-it-Yourself) and decentralization is like DIT (Do-it-Together).

If we can agree on that analogy, simply for the sake of conversation, then we can take it a step further by looking through that lens into some specific contexts where this approach can add value to our efforts by breaking down our silos.

On Being Prepared

It’s not a big secret. Organizations need to be much more proactive about security. Firewalls and antivirus are not a plan anymore, they are doors and windows that can and will be circumvented. Expecting that attackers will simply stay off of your network is foolish. No one knows the moment they’ve been hacked. They find…

Show up. Do your best.

This is the best advice I’ve ever received. It’s so good and I am so grateful, it is the only advice I ever offer. Not surprisingly, it’s transmitted directly and indirectly by some of the greatest characters in fiction. I offer it to my 5-year-old each day when I drop him at school. He answers…


Experience is the move. The move to a new understanding, a motion towards a richer perspective. We spend our lives chasing it, striving to open up new opportunities for it, while surrounding ourselves with those who have it. A simple thing shrouded in complexity, we go to great lengths and take risks to pursue it….

Living With Dementia

Mom passed away. Here’s everything I learned from the experience about Vascular Dementia.

I didn’t go to university. I learned from Linux instead. 

TOUGH CHOICES When I chose to forego college, preferring instead to join the working world confident that doors would open, there were a lot of the kinds of reactions one might expect. Most asked things like: “what are you thinking?” “why would you do such a thing?” “what are you planning to do instead?” My…

Changing without changing

Many of us make great sacrifice to avoid it. Laws are written and put into place to stymy it. Large, expensive buildings are built to protect against it. Minds are made up against it and reject ideas that even hint at it. Blockades of all sorts are built against potential outcomes that may lead to…

“Daddy, what’s ergonomy?”

Whether for work or play, we are all spending more and more time than ever in front of our various devices: desktops, laptops, tablets and phones. Computer-related injuries due to prolonged use of computers are very real and are risks. Some of us experience occasional soreness in our hands or wrists, mostly after marathon binges…


The first time I saw this was sometime in May of 2011 while flying across the US inside a Boeing 737. I was commuting back and forth between the Midwest and West Coast on a weekly basis. I was uncertain about a lot of things. Specifically, in addition to my dad’s health failing and wanting…

Parallel Parenting: A Strategy for Acceptance

Divorces are snow-flakey, meaning each one is different. Some people are able to be grown-ups about it and be respectful, friendly enough to co-parent but, honestly, this is the exception rather than the rule. Everyone has to move on, eventually. Acceptance is not always easy, though. Not everyone is good at accepting new paradigms, especially…

The top-ten list of things that don’t get easier with practice – Number One – saying goodbye (Part VI)

On a regular top-ten list of almost bearable life-changing events, waiting-for-your-dad-to-die would rank second, perhaps, only to waiting-for-mom-to-die (depending on your situation), but both are tied for first with most things involving the complexities of life, death, emotion and identity.  On a top-ten list of things that don’t get easier with practice, however, many of…