Sometimes smaller, niche communities are unsurprisingly more satisfying than behemoth conferences (or cons for short). MacDevOps, which hails from Vancouver, B.C. is one of my favorites because Mat, JD, and the gang have ideas (like the podcast they use to promote the con) that are as cool as the quality and broad spectrum of people and industries that are drawn to their conference, MDOYVR, that focuses on integration of DevOps and security practices into the Apple ecosystem and culture. You might imagine my own satisfaction for a chance to talk about breaching ATS AI and how to use a 2-stage payload to break out of or into an industry in this ~14-minute preso from the event:

“BOOM –> Career Hacking: How To Break Into InfoSec” –> MacDevOpsYVR – Recorded live on June 11, 2021, Zoom + Discord (IRL con is usually in beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada).

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