The FBI Wants You to Report Fraud

Thank the gods there are smart and thoughtful people on the Internet like my pal, mzbat. So big gratitude to her because everything she touches turns to A W E S O M E.

Today, she’s been sharing what she’s learning at Combating Cybersecurity Threats 2019.

I’m interested.

For starters, what bat’s live-tweeting validates what many of us are already hard at work doing – educating anyone who will listen about stuff like this:

And for those who don’t know (and maybe aren’t as interested), BEC stands for Business Email Compromise, the most common and fastest growing type of cybercrime out there.

Bat shared what the FBI recommends for anyone who has experienced this (which is a lot of people every single day):

Here’s a closer look:

One of the biggest takeaways from this is what the FBI said about reporting these incidents, no matter how small:

This is the link everyone should use to report incidents:

And here’s a link to bat’s complete thread.

Only by reporting all of these can we help evolve the strategies for prevention and response. We all share the same fate.