the Pines

The Pines

A and i met David Huckfelt [right] almost immediately upon moving to Mini where he works during the day at the Wedge and were instantly drawn to what he told us about his band, the Pines.

David Huckfelt and Benson Ramsey of the folk and blues duo The Pines have been keeping very busy. Freshly transplanted to Minneapolis in 2003, The Pines released an impressive first record, and shared stages with such diverse acts as The Arcade Fire, Jolie Holland, Kelly Joe Phelps, Haley Bonar, Split Lip Rayfield and Spider John Koerner.

As a duo, or with the addition of talented rhythm sections as a full band, The Pines have steadily gained attention for their edgy mix of original songwriting, inventive arrangement, and raw blues-groove. Radio stations in the Twin Cities have picked up on the sound, and The Pines received favorable reviews in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, City Pages, Pulse, and The Onion, and have begun to headline clubs in the area. With a new EP, “Seven Folk Songs” and a solo record, “Light Under the Door” from Benson Ramsey on the way, The Pines are a young force in American roots music.

Their latest record is just being finished and will be released next
year. check for more info if you likey.

They’re headlining the 400 Bar with Roma di Luna, who also have a sound all their own and who played at my office a few weeks back. They are one of the moodiest bands i’ve ever heard.

Show starts around 9:30.

Will we be there? You bet. This is bound to be one of those winter-blown nights of the gods when we come inside to moody grooves and warm, soothing toddies.


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