The Top-Ten List of Things That Do Not Get Easier With Practice – Part 7 – Saying Goodbye

I deleted Mom and Dad’s contact information from my phone.

They are gone.

Looking at their mobile numbers, their email and physical addresses was, how can I put it into words?

It was interfering with my memory of them, almost as if, since they have transcended the need for those things, these mortal-only assets were holding me back from letting them reach their full potential in memory’s eye.

As I looked at these artifacts of their lives, it did not foster in me a sense of gratitude or fondness or sadness or joy or anything. Rather, it inspired a need to let go further, to allow them to fully make their way out of this world.

I touched ‘edit’ and then ‘delete’ and, in an instant, gathered a big sigh, assembled their finest moments in my mind, mustered all my gratitude, tilted my head back and let it out.

Goodbye, Mom and Dad. I love you. I miss you.

I can no longer call you on the phone, text or email you because you are available any time, any place.