Slide on Gastineau Ave

If we still lived in Juneau, this is where we’d still be parking our Subaru wagon. Last week, the Soobi would have been buried under this:

Local Man Wins Major Award

Zach Falcon, 37, of Iowa City, earned the recognition for his story “The Malamute.” The honor came from the United Kingdom’s Bridport Prize, which will be announced today. The Press-Citizen received an embargoed copy of the announcement and originally posted it (this version has been edited for clarity): “I was delighted. I know writers sometimes…

Above and Beyond Alaska hosts Andy Summers

Our pals, Sean and Becky Janes, gave Andy Summers and his son the tour of Southeast recently via their outfit Above and Beyond Alaska. That’s Sean on the right in the picture below. Highly recommended if you’re thinking about making it out to the Last Frontier – but of course, we’re biased: = c

Fey as Palin

As the PFD checks were delivered to Alaskans [$3300 this year] Saturday Night Live parodied Palin, played by Tina Fey. The resemblance is uncanny : = c

Zach Falcon writes amazing stories. For kids, too.

Zach Falcon is a great storyteller because his whimsical muscles are completely intact and functioning optimally. Most of us stop using these muscles somewhere between the ages of 8 and 10. We start conforming to our risk-averse culture, playing it safe as we say, leaving the inspirations of youth behind and stop listening to voices…