Need a facilitator/MC/keynote speaker for something?

Try me. Maybe we’re a good fit: hi (at) resilience dot sh

I promise to make your day, at the very least, and if we’re well-aligned, an unforgettable event.

Most of the recorded talks of me out there were presented and recorded at hacking and InfoSec (Information Security) conferences, like this, but they’re outnumbered by private ones that weren’t. So, you might say they didn’t really happen, then ; )

Each presentation is unique, bent to the will of your Board, Team, or topic.

For example, Board presentations are excitement-driven and open diverse audiences to new ideas.

Team presentations are fun and moving, focused on transforming something, similar to my topic-driven sessions. Here’re a few examples:

  • Resilience Engineering: How To Armor Business Against Unplanned Events
  • InfoSec/Risk Management Culture Transformation (in the style of DUNE)
  • Digital Assets: Landing On The Moon (of Financial Futures)
  • Threat Modeling
  • Applied AI/Machine Learning
  • Red Pill Me: Some Upsides To Neurodiversity
  • Lofty stuff, like Creativity, Team-Building & Innovation

Try me –> hi (at) resilience dot sh