Presenting isn’t easy but I challenge myself to at least share my work at one conference each year. It’s always worthwhile to share information that sparks great discussions with diverse audiences on topics like Resilience, Privacy, Trust, Inclusion, Usability, Neurodiversity, & more.

Since COVID showed up, I’ve presented at some virtual cons (short for conferences) & while I miss some in-person aspects that are hard to replace, I’m grateful this shift has elevated scope of reach. Some of these online, multi-channel experiences are more inclusive than in-person conferences, which is as good as it gets for the time being.

Big ups to all you planners & volunteers running virtual cons. No small task & more important than ever to help us stay connected as a larger, online habitat. Thank you!

Meanwhile, here are some sample talks pre-COVID:

SecTor - Chad Calease

“A Few Things Right: Insights from Live & Simulated Incident Response Failures” –> SecTor – October 2019, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, ON, Canada

Neurodiversity as an Asset: The Upside to Thinking Just a Bit Differently” + Panelist – Autism Q & A: Neurodiversity in the Workplace –> DerbyCon 9.0 – Mental Health Hacking & Wellness Village – September 2019, Mariott Lousiville, Louisville, KY, USA

“A Few Things Right: Insights from Live & Simulated Incident Response Failures” –> MacTech – November 2018, Crowne Plaza and Marina, Redondo Beach, CA, USA

Dear InfoSec: You Want Ketchup With That? –> BSides Chicago – May 2018, Chicago Hilton, Chicago, IL, USA

ISACA logo (an information security certification authority)

InfoSec Needs Better UX: Blame TV Dinners –> IIA/ISACA Cyber Security & Hacker Conference – September 2018, SwissĂ´tel, Chicago, IL, USA