This site is just an exercise, hopefully evolving into a worthwhile way station that guides someone, somewhere back to whatever it was they were trying to do before getting tangled up in Internet.

I resisted getting into InfoSec. I was perfectly happy ignoring it like most but when some pals’ financial health was compromised by ID theft, like, really compromised, I became much more interested.

In addition to losing a great deal of wealth (these are not people who came from money), they were have-to-get-new-social-security-drivers-licence-and-passport-numbers-issued-levels of compromised, which still impacts their lives in very real ways to this day.

Understandably, they wanted to hire someone they could trust to figure out what happened and how to raise the cost for criminals who may try to do that, again. That was a few years ago when my career arc took a sharp turn and here we are : )

Hang around here long enough and you’ll get tired of hearing me say things, like, “Resilience is a behavioural challenge,” because overall resilience, especially in the context of good personal security, has less to do with technology than our mindset and the choices we make while we’re using technology.

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Hope you’re staying positive and testing negative.