Number Stations

Our dear pal, Alec (aka Catigator), contributed a track to this compilation, titled cooly-enough: Number Stations File under experimental and have a listen:

Alec Johnson on PublicSpacesLab

My pal Alec Johnson [aka Carbon Productions] is having lotsa talent: his skills to pay the bills: Landscape Architect. His way to play: stop-motion-making dad, husband, athlete, tinkerer and gifted musician, which is especially why he’s being featured here today: Alec submitted some of his musical work to PublicSpaces Lab, where it’s being released as…

Trent Harris

Trent Harris is great for having made Rubin and Ed, which has been one of my favorite movies ever since my pal, Alec, turned me onto it prolly more than 11 years ago. Trent’s made other stuff, too, and continues to make stuff, such as random video posts @ Fling A Ding: Thanks, Trent

Linear Beanfield Carousel

I’ve really been grooving on my pal AJ’s blog – that boy is on a ROLL this week! Check out the latest coolness on YouTube compliments of Pop Levi [keep in mind these two videos are supposed to be side-by-side but the effect works just as well top-to-bottom — hit play on each and follow…