This one Bergey and I made together:

pixelier: antes y dispues

Bergey made some things that inspired me to start tinkering with stills digitally and call it pixeliering, which is a meager attempt at adding an element of painting to digital images: Click on that first image right there to see before and after examples larger and more in charger: This is cool and I like…

Education at its Finest

BFIS and Habitat for Humanity in Senegal A small window into the experience of students from the Benjamin Franklin International School in Barcelona who spent a week near Dakar, Senegal in Keur Mbaye Fall, working in collaboration with Habitat for Humanity. “If we wish to teach fish to swim, it helps if we put them…

BFIS Barcelona

Welp, here’s where I’ll be an Artist-in-Residence in Barcelona in 2009. Watch as Dr. David Penberg introduces this short about the Benjamin Franklin International School: = c

Bradley Bergey

Bradley Bergey is our good pal who paints like mad. No one is more biased about the work than I am. I generally think contemporary painting is l a m e but I think Bergey’s work has vision. Bergey currently teaches history at an international school in Barcelona. Check out his work via www.crywonder.com =…