3G vs 3Gs : Video Comparison

Some of us have been capturing video since the beginning via Cycorder on the 2g. The 3G had little or no differences in its capabilities from the 2G. That isn’t the case with the 3Gs. First, there is a distinct advantage to the 3Gs due to its frame-rate capabilities. 30fps beats the snot out of…


This could spell T-R-O-U-B-L-E for the gaming industry and its plethora of hardware platforms – what if all you needed to play your favorite games was a cable and the device you carry with you all day anyways: Read more here. = c

At long last : Street Views

Maps now have Street views! Public transit and walking directions! Display address of dropped pins and share location via email [long sigh of contentment]. Go now and install v2.2 of the firmware and you, too, can be full of glee, thankful that technology not only enslaves us all but gives us a little reprieve now…

Google Earth for iPhone : nifty

The apps keep getting better and better: The ability to integrate other capabilities/services with this sort of function will greatly improve ability to use one device for most anything. = c