Here’s my collaboration with San Francisco’s Exploratorium & Tinkering Unlimited!

Cinematography: We’ve come a long way?

We don’t have to ask why we love videos and movies, visual literacy is becoming more important as time goes on. Thinking about today’s conventions I see in contrast to the silent films of the early years of cinema, the first thing is obvious: there are a lot of talking heads. The cinematic elements that…


This is just the fat trimmed off a project I’m working on: a multimedia installation about people asleep in public spaces called, appropriately, “Asleep”:

You’re a wolf

Sam Easterson used to work at the Walker. Here’s what he’s doing now: The Museum of Animal Perspectives (MAP) collects and displays wildlife imagery that has been captured using remote sensing cameras. Through the presentation and interpretation of this imagery, the MAP endeavors to expand the public’s capacity to empathize with animals and plants. Now,…

3G vs 3Gs : Video Comparison

Some of us have been capturing video since the beginning via Cycorder on the 2g. The 3G had little or no differences in its capabilities from the 2G. That isn’t the case with the 3Gs. First, there is a distinct advantage to the 3Gs due to its frame-rate capabilities. 30fps beats the snot out of…