$1,845,034,000 worldwide and $600,788,188 are the all-time boxoffice records for a single movie, TITANIC, first released on December 19, 1997.

Now roars along another December blockbuster, KING KONG, a film many top Hollywood executives predict will break the record!

The movie opens wide as Victoria Lake next Wednesday, but recent screenings by UNIVERSAL have left the audience cheering and sobbing.

“Grown men around me were crying,” says one Hollywood insider. “Yes, I think this will do TITANIC numbers. It is going to be a huge movie.”

Complaints the Peter Jackson movie starts slow and is too long [more than 3 hours] will fill critics’ columns. “The human relationships are s**t … the dialogue is piss poor and there is a scene of Jamie Bell shooting gigantic bugs off of Adrian Brody with a tommy gun … those are the bad parts,” says a Hollywood reporter. “But…. the scenes between Kong and Naomi Watts tug at the heart strings big time. And the final scene was just great! There were one too many longing looks between the ape and Watts … but the audience around me ate it up.”

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