Jen and Phole are on their way to live and work near the hahbah in Bahston!

We celebrated with them on Tuesday night before they set off on their long journey, but not without helping workaround a glitch here and there ; )

Above you can enjoy a quick, stop-motion memory of the two of them discovering they’d successfully locked themselves out of their garage.

Fortunately, Phole was able to figure out the fit of the lock was just a lil on the tight side [Meta helped, too], which means it’ll fit juuuust right come winter.

Just like that, problem solved – which has me feeling that’s how smoov things will go for them in MA.

Safe journey – we’ll be out to visit soon : )


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  1. Jen-italia says:

    We miss you guys terribly…and hope to see you soon! The beer is colder, the whiskey stronger, the crabs bigger than Alaska (and I’m not talking about the ones in Phole’s shorts).

    Please come. We’ll have a tea party in the harbor.

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