bluehost is the most


i’ve been loyal to the same host for years. when i first got into external hosting it was way more expensive than it is now. since there are tons of affordable options out there now, i decided it was time to look for a new, more affordable host with the kind of digs i like, such as linux, shell access, multiple domains, mysql and all that good junk geeky types love.

fortunately for me, my pal and geek idol ryness had just switched all his external hosting to bluehost and raved about them to me. at first glance i was sold. ry’s got the eye for quality.

three days and some finagling later all my sites [including this one] are running off of it and i couldn’t be happier with not only the savings but also the features and ease of use for pennies a day.

thanks for the tip, ry.