All in the telling

The latest technologies, including cloud, social, anything mobile, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have and will continue to transform business, especially the customer experience, which still revolves around the story. Storytelling is still the centerpiece. Nothing new there. Storytelling has been the centerpiece since before anyone could even write….


Alexey Kljatov figured out a cool solution for photographing snowflakes:

Cold War

I love the unfettered, personal nature of this:

Charlie Parr

I had the distinct pleasure of spending this morning down by the Mississippi River with Charlie Parr, shooting a video for City of Music with Dan Huiting, Chris Cloud, Dave Hannigan and the rest of the crew. He’s such a good spirit and talented musician. Amidst such a perfect backdrop for his sound, the…


This one Bergey and I made together:

pixelier: antes y dispues

Bergey made some things that inspired me to start tinkering with stills digitally and call it pixeliering, which is a meager attempt at adding an element of painting to digital images: Click on that first image right there to see before and after examples larger and more in charger: This is cool and I like…

Ken Burns on filmmaking

If you wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer or a feature film I could tell you the steps to take to do that, but every working documentary filmmaker I know has gotten there through their own unique path. There is no career path.

Some think content will keep getting longer and longer until movies are 3 and 4 hours long. That’s fine. OK with us. We also like the idea of not spending 3 or 4 hours to get something out of it. Like music, there is a time and place for a long song and a short…

Senegal 2010

The Senegalese are among the friendliest people in the world. Given the challenges they face as a people, this is magnified ten-fold when considering the grace with which they shared their homes and hearts with us this past week. Below is a rather large sampling of still images from our week-long visit to work with…

Paris Plages

I just cannot stop watching clips shot with the Canon 5d Mark II, simply for the obvious reason – a still camera shot this motion footage: Paris Plages from Alta Media Productions on Vimeo. = c

Nice bubble

Some friends and I debated over whether this is real or photoshopped. The consensus is that if this was photoshopped, then that would be even more of a feat. The whimsical nature of this is great – even if it took the fella a few tries to nail it. = c

Danny Wilcox Frazier

I give thanks to the gods for Danny Wilcox Frazier. Responsible for chronicling the Midwestern way of life in multiple mediums, he is true to the cause of his homeland and to the powers that live here, unknown to those on the coasts who dare not venture out of their safely *cool* havens for parts…

Area Man Writes Blog

LITTLE CANADA, MN—Local resident Steve Bachman, the self-styled “Bachster” of Internet obscurity, has announced plans to publish a blog. Family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and checkout clerks are bracing themselves for the expected onslaught of hints—subtle and not-so-subtle—of the “you ought to check out my blog” variety. Bachman believes that his catchy graphical hook, a…

Growing up with Newsweek

Newsweek loves to feature articles about Autism. People love to buy Newsweek and read articles about Autism. If the following cliche’ is true [about Autism] then most of the world is Autistic only they don’t know it yet: Work is play and play is work Sound like anyone in YOUR neighborhood? When was the last…

Images of Alaska

The University of Washington has a great collection of images up that portray the early days in Alaska. Check them out here if you likey! – c

Nikon’s SmallWorld Gallery

We no longer live in the days when people thought “if it’s smaller than us, then it can’t be smarter than us.” Perhaps, that’s why i find myself returning to peruse images in this gallery. The colors, the shapes and most definitely the life behind things in the SmallWorld. You can check it out for…