Area Man Writes Blog


LITTLE CANADA, MN—Local resident Steve Bachman, the self-styled “Bachster” of Internet obscurity, has announced plans to publish a blog. Family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and checkout clerks are bracing themselves for the expected onslaught of hints—subtle and not-so-subtle—of the “you ought to check out my blog” variety.

Bachman believes that his catchy graphical hook, a black-and-white bust of J.S. Bach wearing crudely hand-drawn pink-tinted sunglasses, will set his blog apart from the crowd. “It’s been a big hit with my test audience,” he says, “many of whom have expressed the opinion that it’s a very cool and subtle way to brand the Bachster name.” He does admit, however, that a few of his readers have misidentified the image. The names Benjamin Franklin, Horace Rumpole, and “Ben Stein in a wig” have come up.

When asked if readers can expect a lot of self-revelatory writing, reflection, and evidence of personal growth on his blog, he says, “No, but I do expect to skewer everyone I know quite unmercifully.”

Check out BachBlog if you likey : )

Keep up the great work, Steve – and remember, there are far worse ways to spend time.

For example, we could be stone-cold-Hollywood pimps defending our territory against would-be-take-our-hoes-ways-from-us-neighboring-pimps.



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