Crooked Fingers : Forfeit/Fortune

Crooked Fingers

My pal Bryan and I went to listen to Crooked Fingers at the Turf Club last week.

Eric Bachmann and his band were in town to help promote their new album : Forfeit/Fortune

I’ve been biased towards his work ever since I first met him while living in Chapel Hill, NC all those years ago when Archers of Loaf turned our heads.

Here’s the trailer for the new DVD:

Personally, I think the new album is great. Neko Case sings on “Your Control” and I just can’t get enough of that tune. Making it the last track on the album was a good decision as it leaves me feeling empowered and optimistic in that non-cheesy, aware-of-the-dark-sort-of-way that only Bachmann can weave.

My life has intersected with Eric’s music at several turns and it was cool to tell him the story in person last week as we stood talking inside the Turf after his show.

This man is as true to the cause as any musician I’ve ever met. May all the gods pave the way for you and the band, Eric, as you continue the tour and your work on into the future. Long live Eric Bachmann. You have a fan in me.



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