Are you working hard to solve complicated problems? I struggle to define, prioritize, and sometimes even establish my approach. I sometimes repeat work in different ways that can become repetitive and not always efficient or productive.

When I stumbled upon Cynefín (a framework for sense-making), I thought, “I must have been living under a rock!” Thinking this way helps me chonk complicated work into smaller parts, an approach that impacts outcomes in ways I didn’t appreciate until I grew tired of others’ methods that didn’t resonate with my own, natural problem-solving approach.

Big ups to @RichardShy for sharing his awesome Cynefín diagram with me.

Dave Snowden invented Cynefín, here’s how he explains it:

Dave Snowden talking about Cynefín

This fantastic intro from Jennifer Garvey Berger does an elegant job of transmitting the fundamentals in a friendly way, too –>