My good pal, Samuel Pixley is spinning records on the West Coast and sent me a Grand Poobah of a mixtape cassette just like the way we used to do it. This boy’s crazy old school to a fault, carrying the load of vinyl to each gig in Portland.

His act is SO old school, he “don’t even got no email addy, website or none of that shiat.”

To make it more accessible [read : so i can listen to it on the portable music device of my choice] while i walk around town, i’ve taken the liberty of dumping it to a digital format so i can share it with all three of you reading this ; )

If you like, you can download the just-over-an-hour-long-mix here in one, big ole file – great for dancin or ridin or cookin. It compliments the chef.

Patience, patience…it’s over 70MB large.

Welcome back, Kotter, indeed.