EMR and You

EMR Policy Institute

Have you ever wondered what, if any, effects all our WiFi and Broadband and cellular energies flying around might have on our physical bodies?

Certainly, most of us heard the rumblings during the emergence of cellphones that they may cause problems in some people and other related stories that are always presented as nothing to worry about. Such notions would hurt the cash flow to companies who manufacture such devices as well as the carriers who provide subscription-based services to them. We can’t have that now, can we?

Like so many decisions people have made over the millennia, however, we usually make great decisions for the short-term and exceedingly poor ones for the long-term.

Thus, now with so many frequencies being pulsed through the air for this and that we seemingly don’t think or care much about the long-term implications these conveniences may have in store for us. We can speculate about it but the facts are that WE CAN’T BE SURE.

Enter the EMR Policy Institute, who’s goal is :

We believe that the unfettered use of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) – radiofrequency/microwave radiation (RF/MW) present in all wireless and communications technologies, as well as the extremely low frequencies (ELF) present in powerline supplies – is ill advised given research that has accumulated over the last two decades. The Mission of The EMR Policy Institute is to foster a better understanding of the environmental and human biological effects from such exposures. Our goal is to work at the federal, state and international levels to foster appropriate, unbiased research and to create better cooperation between federal regulatory agencies with a stake in public health in order to mitigate unnecessary exposures that may be deemed to be hazardous.

If you’d like to help ensure that these technologies are monitored for these effects with greater accuracy using unbiased research, click here to sign the online petition now being assembled.

Good decisions are based on good information that is not biased and not bent to the will of vested parties. The leaders of those companies should care, too, because what if all of these frequencies are affecting DNA structure in humans? Doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor – the same types of radiation waves are flowing through all of us. All day. All night.