Hard Candy breaks teeth

well, Arturo’s film left us feeling so unsatisfied we took off across the city seeking redemption…the kind that only a GOOD film can muster.

we found ourselves at the Lagoon Cinema waiting in line to buy tickets for Thank You For Smoking.

that is, until the ticket gal told us it was nearly sold out and we prolly wouldn’t get to sit together…

thwarted yet again, we stepped out of line and, when nothing else on the lineup grabbed us, headed out the door.

fortunately, as we stepped back out into the rain, we saw the towering spire of the Uptown Theater (and you ask why we LOVE this town).

we got right in to see a film we had no idea what to expect from.

the minute our butts hit the seats the film began…and i don’t think either one of us moved until the credits began to roll.

you’ll just have to see it for yourselves but be informed: Hard Candy may break teeth but it saved our otherwise empty stomachs from cinematic un-fulfillment.

hard candy


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