Hips Don’t Lie

Tasha BaronLiz Draper

In addition to Black Blondie, co-composing an all original repertoire, Tasha Baron and Liz Draper draw elements from their combined eclectic musical backgrounds and power Hips Don’t Lie.

This music draws elements from the electronically produced precision of a drum machine, to the sounds of quirky lopsided carnival rides and is composed for the timeless arrangement of a piano trio yet is written and performed with personalized programmed sounds and effects. The acoustic bass and drum-set are utilized in ways quite characteristic to that of their role in a traditional jazz trio, but extreme attention is given to exploring the sounds, timbres, range, and personality of the instruments. The songwriting also pays homage to its roots of traditional “American jazz“ heritage; structurally: having themes and improvised variations, (heads and solos) as well as a harmonically: ranging between definite chord changes, modal, and atonal. Also as in the standard practice of “traditional jazz”, Hips Don’t Lie improvise in the style of popular music of the day. They often don’t “swing” their eighth-notes and instead play in rhythmic feels more closely related to rap, dub, and afro-beat music. Davu Seru and Pete Henning bring in the drums.

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