if thousands

If Thousands

Perhaps the Twin Cities should be renamed Trio Town because some folks seem to forget about a well kept secret: Duluth.

Duluth is a mix between my last two residences: Juneau and Seattle.
The waterfront on giant Lake Superior mixed with the actively creative population who live there [read Trampled by Turtles, Charlie Parr, If Thousands, to name but a few] make it FEEL like somewhere else, more exotic, far away. But it’s in Northern Minnesota where being cool has absolutely NOTHING to do with your mailing address and EVERYTHING to do with what you DO.

If Thousands is a band that has caught my attention for their ability to float me out in moods that go well with introspection and enjoying in between moments the way coffee goes with cigarettes.

Their music doesn’t force thoughts as much as allows thoughts to do what they’re going to do. This is stream of consciousness put to scales and measures.

What does If Thousands do?

This has some great live footage.


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