Inside and Outside

Play Tag!!!

During this process of shooting a documentary on the game of Tag, one idea has emerged again and again from both experts [such as anthropologists] and laymen alike. This is the idea of how we have a tendency to internalize experiences. This means that we tend to think about these experiences mostly in terms that they are only affecting us or are only influenced by us, ourselves. Generally speaking, we have very little self-awareness about how our actions, and not just in games, affect others.

Truth is, the kinds of experiences that involve physical touch cannot be experienced by us alone. The act of physical touch bonds us and makes us both the subject and object of the experience.

This is a complicated way of saying we need contact with others in the physical sense in order to develop and grow properly. It is the very essence of what makes us who we are, how we learn, create and navigate within and without this world as its rules continue to change and evolve.

Heavy? Sure. But it’s just these kinds of obvious thoughts we overlook day-to-day that led me to become so fascinated by such a seemingly simple childhood game.

More soon – believe me, i’m full of this kinda stuff, thanks to the kind folks who’ve humored me on this adventure of Tag.

; )