iPhone on the way???

Apple iPhone

There’s no hard evidence Apple will release [or is even building] the iPhone, though for such a secretive company, which almost never comments on future products, that’s no surprise.

Tons of rumour sites point to the following evidence as proof the iPhone’s release is imminent: the company’s application for the iPhone trademark; the iphone.org URL redirecting users to Apple’s home page; references to GPS and mobile phone technology in Apple software code; various Apple patent filings for touch-screen media devices; and a job posting on the company’s website advertising a role for a mobile marketing manager.

Good thing, too, because i’m tired of having to carry a celly AND a music player around. or look like this guy every time i feel the celly shaking in my pocket.

someone should be able to engineer a gadget that consolidates all this technological clutter into a single device. i know, i know, then the licensing wars can really begin…


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