Linux for the rest of us


For those of us who are born geeks, Linux is a blessing. For others, a curse given the lackluster GUIs which require users to delve deep within its various levels of complexity via the command line. Surely, some like to know how the car works, others just like to ride. Not only that, but some fellow geeks i know and admire just prefer graphical interfaces. The battles of taste shall never be won.

Thus, it is with great excitement that the Linux world welcomes Ubuntu, a strain of the Debian distro that has come leaps and bounds towards being friendly to graphicos and commandos alike.

If you haven’t tried Linux but have always thought it sounds cool, here is a perfect opportunity for you to broaden horizons. Ubuntu loads up real nicely on most anything but especially well on laptops, as it finds devices like no other distro that has gone before.

In fact, i recently installed it on an old PII lappie with only 128MB of RAM and had to do little to make it fully operational (wifi included). It hums along quite well, given it’s gotta lotta miles on it. That makes four machines i’ve dedicated to running it, each proving rock-solid stability and ease of use. Really.

So, if you’ve been faint of heart about venturing forward into the much-talked-about Open Source community but curious, have no more fear. Ubuntu Linux is here.


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  1. willy says:

    yahso linux is takin’ ovah.

  2. chaka says:

    chaka loves linux baybay!

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