welp, another old webserver finally died, for real this time…

so, i built a new one! well, not BUILT like from thin air, but took custody of a not-as-old machine and gave it some love – enough to serve up some stuff, like a still image gallery.


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  1. Frank Lewis says:

    yo Chad

    just poppin onto yer site to see whatcher up to…it rolls and flows here in the Mts of NNJ…we’re anxiously awaiting the arrival of our first wee one…any day now baby Maya will be making her earthly debut!

    hope all’s well north of the Great White North!


  2. Administrator says:

    congrats, Papa Bear!

    we’re no longer in AK – moved to MN, land of Jesse Ventura and the Great State Fair!

    Do we like it? We LOVE it!

    thanks for checking in, yo.


  3. Heath says:

    Hey Guys! Just checking out the site and enjoying all your pictures. Can’t wait to see you in 3 weeks. Love, Heath

  4. Administrator says:

    heya, Heath!!!

    thanks for stopping by.

    we’re excited to see you, too! and Pip, too!

    can hardly wait to hassle the lil girl…


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