OpEd : Dally

The latest issue of OpEd is out, featuring this month’s word : dally.

We’ll be taking a leave of absence as the gatekeeper, Dave, [of DaveNSarah] embarks on the second half of a journey around the world [pretty sucky life, huh?] and will resume publishing upon return to the States, uh, whenever they get around to it. Viva la Gen X!!!


verb ( -lies, -lied)
1 act or move slowly : workers were loafing, dallying, or goofing off.
2 have a casual romantic or sexual liaison with someone : he should stop dallying with movie stars.
3 show a casual interest in something, without committing oneself seriously

This issue’s writings:
DaveTheGrinch ponders Dante’s Inferno and a day in the office / waxieus ruminates about how dragons can interfere with homework / Chad Calease contemplates wardrobes working either against or in favor of the dally-er / David Browne muses on artwork, earlobes and a biopsy or two / Steve Bachman investigates lepidopterology and SuperCheap Brand Plump Raisins / Ed Eibel reflects upon two Chinas separated by a thousand missiles / Alan Baxter deliberates when SMS and pregnancy collide /

If you’ve enjoyed OpEd, please offer a toast to Dave, won’t you?
[his Grinch-ness thanks you]