Pat Malecha : studmuffin

pat This is our pal, Pat. Isn’t he hot?

Not only that, he’s smart as a whip on a horse’s back. He and Jen have been living in Little Port Walter (known by those in the know as Club Fed) for nearly two years now and we don’t get to see them as often as we’d like. Guess that’s why i’ve dedicated today’s post to you two. We miss you!

Some cool facts about Pat:

Subsequent to being a Rasmuson Fellow, Pat initially worked as a research analyst at the Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission where he reported on aspects of diverse Alaska fisheries including Pacific cod, weathervane scallops, Pacific herring, and horsehair crab. Since 2001, Pat has worked as a research fishery biologist for the National Marine Fisheries Service at the Auke Bay Laboratory in Juneau. In his primary role, he studies the effects of commercial fishing on benthic habitats. These studies, utilizing both submersibles and scuba, have varied objectives from simple habitat typing to manipulative studies identifying effects of trawling at varied intensities.

Pat is also involved with other work that is attempting to determine growth rates of two species of sponge and two species of coral. These studies will help managers understand habitat and fishery interactions and allow for sustainable fisheries.

Those interested in checking out some of Pat’s work can find a good start here.

Some cool facts about Jen:

Once had a most unhealthy obsession with notorious Minneapolis band Mango Jam

Has had the experience of fending off brown bears with high powered weaponry (and is licensed by the Feds to do so)

Makes, arguably, the best bread in the world

Perhaps, the only woman we know who can live so self-contained in a place as remote as LPW


Able to catch and pull up a 100-pound halibut

The most elegantly diplomatic person we’ve ever met (without being a wanker or sycophant)

Like her husband, Pat, is a TOTAL BABE, which may have something to do with the fact that Jen is a LEAN, MEAN, HIKING MACHINE.

Meanwhile, she awaits the opportunity to administer her homespun insulin treatment to a helpless diabetic stranded in the woods via turkey baster (inquire with questions)


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