Stung by High Ticket Prices?


At some point concert-going fans are going to have to realize how cheezy it is to buy extra tickets to a show in hopes of making a few bucks off of them on eBay.

It is the biggest, hottest and most expensive rock concert tour of the year.

But fans — and brokers — trying to sell extra tickets to tonight’s sold-out Police reunion concert in St. Paul are getting stung.

“I’ve never seen so many tickets available,” said Mike Nowakowski, co-owner of Ticket King, a Hudson, Wis.-based ticket seller, on Monday. “I’ve never seen it on the day before a show where you can buy tickets for pennies on the dollar.”

Last week, Ticket King listed more than 350 people trying to sell 1,000 tickets to the Xcel Center concert.

On eBay, a $50 ticket was sold for 99 cents on Sunday; someone was asking as little as $26 for a $225 ticket, the top-priced seat, on Monday. (In Minnesota, it is illegal — until the law is repealed Aug. 1 — to sell a ticket above face value.)

hahahahaa – i think these kinds of “entrepreneurs” reap just what they “sow”.


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