thanks to all of our friends and families for your kind support during this tough time.

we love you and thank the gods for each and every one of you.

so now for some better news:

this is a draft of a short “thing” i’m working on for the video wall at work.

i’m calling it mini_full i captured all the footage myself, as well as made the soundtrack for the slightly-less-than-three-minute-long “thing” which i admit is too long but i got a little carried away.

to make the soundtrack, i noodled over the top of the footage on my jazz bass. a three minute chunk of it fit rather nicely, especially when i suddenly and unintentionally started playing “cars” and it all fell into place from there.

a formal “thank you” to gary (just in case you’re reading this)

yeah, right!

at any rate, hope you guys likey.

thanks for hanging in there with us.


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  1. Kelly Bakken says:


  2. chaddo says:


    happy to hear you think so.

    thanks for all of your kind words this past week.

    means a lot to us.

    we love you.


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