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dave's office

our mentors in the lost art of pumpkin-carving, Dave n Sarah, have left their j-o-bs to travel around the world in 365 days.

yep, sucks to be them ; )

Dave left the following words of wisdom for his colleagues at RealNetworks after 7 1/2 years working down on Elliott [taken from his blog,]:

* I’ve had more managers than offices
* I’ve had a lot of offices
* I started as an immigrant, became a resident and left a citizen
* I’m surprised I wasn’t fired
* Flexible work schedules make flexible employees
* Free pepsi and coke is not an effective tool to boost employee morale
* Beer apparently is
* Life balance is not defined by how many hours one spends in meetings versus the hours one spends in their office
* Why bother holding a meeting when the decision has already been made – send a memo or something
* Becoming a VP doesn’t automatically make you Bill Gates
* I’m surprised how many people love taco salads
* The quality of software engineering is directly proportional to the quality of the software engineers’ management.
* Halloween should be a national holiday
* August R’n’R is a good idea only if you plan to not achieve anything in August
* For a company on the bleeding edge of the digital information revolution, submitting paper forms to report vacation seems kind of quaint
* Rebranding websites and players for “partners” is never a good or profitable idea
* It’s just entertainment on the internet, nobody is going to die if it doesn’t launch on time
* Deadlines should only be decided upon when at least one person knows what should be delivered on that deadline
* There are worse places to work than RN however complacency is not an excuse to stay


cheers you two – safe journey.

a n c

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