1. DaveTheGrinch says:

    I have that same scooter and but I can’t eat tapas and drink, en español, “cerveza” whilst riding mine. It’s not that I don’t have the chops it’s just I don’t have any cup holders.

  2. c says:

    cup holders are a major liability that do not contribute to overall stealth while rocketing between taxis at speed…besides, maneuvering with any skill would surely shake most liquid out of a can or bottle – at least until beer recepticle design is revisited…

  3. Jill Deutmeyer says:

    Chad – it’s great that we can read about your life’s journey. Duey and I got scooter’s last year. I have a vespa and he has a stella. Fun to scoot!! Thanks for sharing. LY J&D

  4. c says:

    yeeeup – agreed – scooters rule.

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