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My pal Todd sent an email along with a link to goodreads, a site that let’s you share what books you’re reading/have read with your friends online. a great idea, no doubt.

the only problem i have with such things is that i have to remember yet another miserable login for a site that does only one thing. there are sites that do multiple things, best of which are my own blogs, run on my own servers, which require only as much time as their value can balance.

still, no matter how you share your reads, it’s a fun thing to do and the gods know how much i enjoy talking about stories!

here’s what i’ve been reading lately : highly recommended!

Geek Love


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  1. ryan says:

    This is happening more and more, which is why I’m paying very close attention to things like DiSo, or other ways to externalize that kind of sharing.

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