Ladies and Lords, we present Black Blondie

Black Blondie

This morning where i work a very cool thing happened. instead of the usual mid-week ughs around eightish Black Blondie set up and played one of their earliest-in-the-morning gigs ever and ever so slowly, hypnotically melted and rendered the sleek yet somewhat stiff corporate environs into one that had me thinking of how subtle the glass tower we were in was gently swaying in the wind.

as they played more and more the trance [and the wind outside] gained strength and everyone within earshot [which is nearly the whole place as a staircase dominates the center ceilings of each of the four floors connecting them all with a huge vortex for the sound to travel through beautifully] became fully entranced and stared out the window if even for just a moment to watch wind move through the city below blowing city street things up on thermals and dancing them like in American Beauty.

And smile they did. I saw many warm, relaxed faces today. Amazing what starting the day off with real music does.

so, let me tell you how i much i really like it just as it is — a live experience. thus, i understand their judicious use of patience, savoring the sound they’re creating and not muscle-ing the recording process.

and as if that wasn’t enough to make the day a total fucking standout, a and i went to see them again later in the evening at the Triple Rock. the sound in the Triple is perhaps unrivaled in the cities.

is it any wonder i babble incesantly on about the music in this town?


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