Necessity and Invention = Peas and Carrots

Yet another great example and sniff at the trail of a very elusive thing: discovery and innovation.

After all, it only took us how many thousands of years to think of all sorts of simple things that R U L E ?

We make these tremendous breakthroughs and stand there and wonder, “How come it took me so long to realize this has been staring me in the face for how long?”

brilliant design on a pig farm

One definition of industrial design is: a methodical way of solving problems with well-conceived products. Sometimes this process happens outside of the design world limelight, by people who have never taken a single Production Methods class or set foot in an ID studio.

Canadian pig farmer Mary Haugh had a problem; multiple heart attacks put her husband out of commission, and she alone had to somehow control and herd their 3,000 hogs through the barn. Traditional methods of getting pigs to move are to use a stick, an electric prod or a “chase board,” a length of wood the farmer wields horizontally to angle the pigs in a particular direction.

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