if you give a mouse a cookie…

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie


some changes have been made to waxieus.net!

since i moved all my shtuff to a new host, i figured might as well perform some upgrades as the site had been running quite well since this last incarnation but that was a long time ago. 2 years! that led to making some accurate backups, which led to tidying up the filesystem and what happens when you give a mouse a cookie? well, next thing i knew i was doing more than a little general spiffin up — special thanks to Jez who originally made the theme this one is modified from. if you really really really like it you can have the css right here.

so, here’s hoping you enjoy the new face of waxieus.net – oh, and please note that now only the last two posts will appear on the index [homepage] so if you’re looking for something else, be sure to use the search function over there in the upper-left — just type in what you’re looking for and click the “go” button. try it! it’s FUN! weeeeeeeee!!!

happy new jeers everybody.

= : )



  1. Alec Johnson says:

    Hey man,

    The new site looks great.
    I signed up with BlueHost a coupla days ago and have since been negotiating the learning curve arcing from a blog to a homegrown website.
    I haven’t quite made up my mind whether to start from scratch or take advantage of a template for the bones.
    Anyways, take care and enjoy the snow!


  2. harv says:

    looks great to me, chaddo!

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