Shrine of Saint Tourista

Shrine of Saint Tourista

the latest musical invention from yours truly,
featuring upright and electric basses, four-string guitar, lapsteel, piano, steel drum, shaker, drumkit, harmonica and this time loops and effects as it was all recorded on an old, rebuilt 500Mhz Powerbook G4 lappie [except Insider] , mixed using Audacity and dumped out here for your discerning judgement.

shrine of saint tourista came out of creating music for the short film Whistle. thus, keep that in mind as the mood of trademark jumps all over the map. the music is all original tunes except for an instrumental cover of the White Stripes song “Offend in Every Way” and a tribute to an old pal, Justin Lund.

You can listen to “stroll” here.

download the album in its entirety right here.

hope you likey.


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