Small Changes, Big Improvements

Pre-COVID, I put up with nail clippers. You know the ones: plain, silver, slippery, hard-to-hold, easy to drop, especially if you have big hands like I do. I was constantly picking them up off the shower floor while trying to trim my toenails, already. Dread.

nail clippers

Pre-COVID, I put up with toothbrushes, the standard-issue-from-the-dentist, new-and-improved (but not really) ones with fancy handles, expensive water-spraying ones, you name it. They’re all more-or-less the same.

Just like nail trimmers, had I accepted these for a lack of faith there’s anything better?

During the first few weeks of quarantine, there was much discussion about self-care as many of us were beginning to feel the strain. So I set out to bolster my spirit for many more weeks of pandemic life.

I started by making lists. The first list was of things I don’t look forward to, which evolved into a list of things I don’t look forward to but might be able to do something about. Hmmm. You guessed it. Those lists continue to evolve and create actionable insights into small changes I can make that sometimes lead to big improvements!

What have I learned through such seemingly silly exercises? Sometimes the improvement is something as small as minimizing stress just a teeny, tiny bit. These incremental changes can add up.

While it wouldn’t be true to say I can hardly wait to trim my toenails or brush my teeth, with tools that fit me better these self-care activities no longer invite dread!

Since COVID, have you found new, more pleasant ways to do things?