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PBS I make films under the moniker of thinfilms. My films are mostly fiction, but recently I completed a documentary about the game of tag, titled appropriately “Tag”. It was a long process as I did most of the work myself and kept the budget under $5000.

From thinfilms.net:

For three years I collected candid interviews with people from all over the world regarding the way they grew up playing “Tag”, the names they had for it and their stories surrounding this game that touches everything we do: identity, justice, success, relationships – everything.

Out of that experience, I have created this odyssey capturing the essence of a complex, yet simple and overlooked, part of who we are and how we come to be who we are.

Spend a few moments with experts from the Jane Goodall Institute, the Anthropology Department at the University of Minnesota and the International Play Association, who discuss the essential role play has in our development as a culture and as individuals, while “Tag” reconnects us with our capacity for play – the catalyst that leads to creation, discovery and innovation.

I couldn’t have accomplished this without the generous support of the kind faculty and students at the Anthropology Department of the University of Minnesota, Dr. Michael Wilson at the Jane Goodall Institute for Primate Studies, Dr. Joanna Seymore of the International Play Association and a small army of pals who opened doors for me left and right during the film’s production.

I just received news that the film is set to broadcast during the second week of June on 360 North, a new station broadcast via PBS in Alaska.

The screening times are:
June 10 – 9:00 pm, repeats in overnight schedule
June 11 – 11:00 am, 5:00 pm
June 14 – 10:00 am, 9:30 pm

360 North can be streamed via this link.



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  1. Uta says:

    Congrats Chad! I saw this too late, otherwise I’d have tried to watch the stream. Hope all is well with you both!

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