the Triple rocks

triple rock social club

you love it, it’s yer favorite, it’s the friendliest, best-sounding venue in Minni IMHO, especially for a movin’ punk show like A and i checked out last night!

if you likey, check out some slow-shutter-speed snappies of the Two Minute Tantrum show. also playing were Menace to Sobriety and a couple other bands, but we left pretty quick after Tantrum‘s set. they were our faves of the evening and not just because the only thing they don’t need is any dudes.

As for the Triple, it features the spectrum = from screaming punk to live-electronica, hip-hop, rock, you name it (they’re even all-ages friendly so the littluns can get some of the action). we hear they also serve killer sloppy joes in the cafe next door but the locals go there for the macaroni and cheese/texas toast combo.

put plainly: the Triple ROCKS.


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