[Van] Damme Yankees and their tactics!!!

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Pretend Jean-Claude is wondering: “is this really the future of advertising? is this how Tom Sawyer got his pals to paint the fence for him? how long will it hold out? how long will it be before people are like — hey, wait a minute…i just spent three hours making an ad for Mentos and they’re not paying me shit! — ???

in the clip below we can see not only an example of this but also a case for the jingle [which is seemingly coming back around again] laid over what would be licensed footage – another avenue for Hollywood to generate revenue for films that have reached a kind of cult status if only for how bad they sucked.

this wave of consumer-driven marketing is putting the people in charge of making their own commercials, sure, and empowering them to inform creative corporations how to more fully exploit their attention, sorta.

sure, some providers, such as RevveR, are beginning to share ad revenue with creators of content [a mere pittance to be sure] but still the BIG QUESTION is : why should anyone care enough to? what makes people participate in this crap? what’s driving them to make this the biggest buzz in the industry?

cap that and you’ve got the NEXT wave that will represent true convergence of “life” in “advertising”.

good or bad, like it or not, what happens to the kids who have been so scarred by the realization of it, that they were being used all along?

there be no wrath that rivals that of a woman scorned than maybe consumer backlash?

then, again, we might not ever even stop to think about it or care! yippeee!!!


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