All in the telling

The latest technologies, including cloud, social, anything mobile, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have and will continue to transform business, especially the customer experience, which still revolves around the story. Storytelling is still the centerpiece. Nothing new there. Storytelling has been the centerpiece since before anyone could even write….

10 Second Film Festival: Sticks

A pal was kind enough to capture some of the reaction to ‘Sticks‘ at the Soap Factory’s 10 Second Film Festival on July 4th, 2010 in downtown Minneapolis, including the award for Best Documentary and praise it received from the local celebrity judges and HUGE crowd. Thanks to the Soap Factory and! touch here…

Life is but a Taco… created the credits for the Soap Factory‘s 10 Second Film Festival and did it so well this opening credit won the award in the ARTHOUSE category, and features the Mayor of Minneapolis, Chris Cloud:

‘sticks’ at the 10 Second Film Festival

The crowd and judges went cuckoo for “sticks” at the Soap Factory’s 10 Second Film Festival last night – the announcer and the crowd of thousands continued to chant “sticks” long after it screened, especially after I neglected to claim the win (until later) because I couldn’t hear anything! Gee whiz, what can a fella…

Plastic Bag

Ramin Bahrani-written-directed-and-edited, Werner Herzog-narrated and original soundtrack by Kjartan Sveinsson of Sigur Rós?

Goodbye Solo

Every now and then a film moves me, lifts and tosses about my sense of the world, of knowing myself and my own culture, let alone the cultures of others and where mine fits in. Then, it sets me down gently, back in the place I was to begin with. Only then, the place looks…

Cinematography: We’ve come a long way?

We don’t have to ask why we love videos and movies, visual literacy is becoming more important as time goes on. Thinking about today’s conventions I see in contrast to the silent films of the early years of cinema, the first thing is obvious: there are a lot of talking heads. The cinematic elements that…

Ken Burns on filmmaking

If you wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer or a feature film I could tell you the steps to take to do that, but every working documentary filmmaker I know has gotten there through their own unique path. There is no career path.

Up There

Sure, in the end it’s just another commercial. Using this format, however, Stella Artois gives us a glimpse of more than a 30-second spot devoid of any intellectual calories whatsoever. Have 12 minutes to spare to watch this beautifully shot documentary?

Some think content will keep getting longer and longer until movies are 3 and 4 hours long. That’s fine. OK with us. We also like the idea of not spending 3 or 4 hours to get something out of it. Like music, there is a time and place for a long song and a short…

Herskovits and the Heart of Blackness

A compelling examination of the career and controversy surrounding Melville J. Herskovits, the pioneering American anthropologist of African Studies and controversial intellectual who established the first African Studies Center at an American university and authored, “The Myth of the Negro Past.”:

Trent Harris

Trent Harris is great for having made Rubin and Ed, which has been one of my favorite movies ever since my pal, Alec, turned me onto it prolly more than 11 years ago. Trent’s made other stuff, too, and continues to make stuff, such as random video posts @ Fling A Ding: Thanks, Trent

On Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing: Sound as Image

translating information from one sense into another, especially sound to image, is one of the things technology does well case in point is Close Encounters of the Third Kind is this captivating? in the case of Close Encounters it is. however, personally, i can only say that in other cases, such as the one below,…