Goodbye Solo

Every now and then a film moves me, lifts and tosses about my sense of the world, of knowing myself and my own culture, let alone the cultures of others and where mine fits in. Then, it sets me down gently, back in the place I was to begin with. Only then, the place looks a whole lot different. Better? Not necessarily. Worse? Not necessarily. Just – different.

Yesterday a good pal showed up and had brought me Goodbye Solo. I watched it not once but twice before falling to sleep with images of Souléymane Sy Savané, Red West and the road ahead of all of us, wherever or whatever our situation.

One of the most beautiful things about this film is how Ramin Bahrani chose to tell it visually. The cinema of the whole thing is masterful. The relationship between these two unlikely characters is developed elegantly without a hint of muscle-y force.

I could rant on and on about the reasons why I love it, why this is a film to be celebrated but for two reasons I will leave you in peace: 1) I do not wish to dilute it for anyone reading this who has not yet taken it in, and 2) I already did so at length to my pal who brought it to me, thanking him for the gift of spending 91 minutes of my life watching the work of a truly gifted filmmaker who should be an inspiration to generations of filmmakers to come.

Thank you, Ramin.


  1. Tish Merrill says:

    Goodbye Solo came to me in an unexpected way. Just as a rain shower can creep across my meadow and delight and surprise me, so did Goodbye Solo. I had no expectations when I put the dvd in to view. But just as a rain shower can captivate a woman so did this film.
    The characters are as lush as Christmas morning. But what I loved most about this film was the ending. Afraid there was going to be a typical Hollywood ending with a big pink bow tied at the end and bluebirds chirping merrily, the film ended the way life sometimes ends. Quietly and with dignity. I applaud Mr.Bahrani and his talented cast. This is a small film with a huge message. Live each day as if it is your last. Bravo Mr. Bahrani

  2. calease says:

    Well said, Tish. You are beautiful for sharing your thoughts on this beautiful film. Cheers.

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