So long, Facebook

so long facebook
Today i say goodbye to social networking. I no longer wish to opt-in to additional consumer surveillance.

If i had an office job that bored me to tears, i would surely feel differently and continue to click my way through mob, zombie and other such mindless *wars*.

Alas, i have no such job and after a discussion about its pros and cons, it is undeniably clear that the cons ruthlessly outweigh the pros.

After using the features that Facebook provides *free* to users for the past couple of years, in all fairness it was fun to occasionally find a long, lost pal.

However, given the amount of information Facebook sells about me and anyone else who uses it, I began to think this way : “They’re making lots of money off of tracking what I spend and where and potentially using my words and images without my knowledge. Is that such a great deal for anyone else?”

To boot, I was friends with a lot of people who I never see or actually have much in common with [towards the end i actually started removing “friends”].

As for the friends i see on a regular basis, i don’t need such a tool to stay in contact with them.

So — so long, social-networking-disguised-as-data-mining-and-profiling sites!


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  1. ryan says:

    one word: diso

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