Using Nature as a Hitman

The World War 1 Tyrolean Avalanches

Avalanches were used as highly effective weapons during World War 1. This disastrous weapon started when lot’s of snow fell in the Alp’s during the December of 1916. People could tell that the avalanche risk was high. A big avalanche killed 250 soldiers while tumbling down on the barracks. Some unknown person got the idea that avalanches could make a highly effective weapon. The avalanche war had begun. Avalanches could be started and even directed by just bombing a mountain. History has not yet calculated the exact number of deaths. Deaths have been estimated as high as 40,000 on each fighting side. Humans are responsible for these death causing, disastrous avalanche killer.

A pal and I had a brief discussion about this today – how and why we choose to use nature to do our dirty work. Just like this story.